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public static interface ParticleEmitter.SpawnVolume

Known Indirect Subclasses
ParticleEmitter.SpawnVolumeBox For spawning particles across or within a box. 
ParticleEmitter.SpawnVolumeEllipsoid For spawning particles across or within an ellipsoid. 
ParticleEmitter.SpawnVolumePoint For spawning particles at a particular point in the parent Node's coordinate system. 
ParticleEmitter.SpawnVolumeSphere For spawning particles aross or within a sphere. 

Interface for volumes that can be defined for spawning particles. By default, ParticleEmitter spawns particles at the location of the emitter. This is useful for effects tied to a single source, like smoke rising from a chimney. However, other effects may require more complex spawn volumes; for example, spawning snow or rain over an area of land.

By setting a spawn volume via setSpawnVolume(SpawnVolume, boolean), you can specify the shape within which to spawn particles.

All particles will spawn in a uniformly distributed pattern within the shape.